Apply For Assistance

To apply for assistance, please click APPLY FOR ASSISTANCE and fill out the application.  We will be in contact as soon as possible.  We are experiencing a high volume of applications at this time, but please know that your application is important to us and we will be in touch with you very soon!

Utility Assistance

During the heating and cooling seasons utility bills are at their highest. Families experiencing unforeseen financial hardship, or those living on marginal or fixed incomes may be vulnerable to utility service disconnection. To help prevent lapses in these services we offer emergency utility assistance for electricity, gas, and water. Emergency propane assistance and first-time utility setup fees are also available on a case-by-case basis.

Rent Assistance

In times of hardship, families struggling to maintain their rent can face displacement from their homes. Once a family becomes homeless, it is even more difficult for them to regain stability with the added stress and strain as they struggle to get back on their feet. To prevent such displacement, we offer emergency rent assistance on a case-by-case basis.

Homeless Assistance

For those who find themselves without a home, it can seem impossible to regain financial security. We know that a stable home is critical for all families to
achieve self-sufficiency. We offer temporary emergency housing and permanent housing for those who have sustainable income. Unfortunately, our community does not have any homeless or transitional shelters at this time, however we can offer transportation to the nearest homeless or transitional facility.

Financial Counseling & Budgeting Advice

Without a solid foundation of financial knowledge, it can be hard for families to break out of poverty and establish long-term stability. We work one-on-one with clients to create household budgets and determine the ratio of overall expenses to income. We help to educate families in need on how to prioritize bill payments and differentiate between wants and needs to better make use of often limited resources.

Food Assistance

Our partner, CAM Food Pantry is on-site with us for convenience to the families we serve. This is another non-profit organization created to provide short term food assistance for families in need in our community. Those seeking food assistance will need to bring a photo ID and SNAP card if applicable. Food is dispensed between 11:00 am – 1:00pm, Monday and Wednesday.

If you would like to help CAM Food Pantry provide nutritional food to families in need, you can donate non-perishable or perishable food items at their pantry or leave it in the HC Jesus Cares Donation Center. They also accept financial donations. Make checks payable to: CAM Food Pantry and mail it to PO Box 134, Savannah, TN 38372. Volunteers to help pickup and dispense food is always welcome!

Miscellaneous Assistance

Barriers to financial security are not always obvious and are sometimes easily overcome with a little assistance. Among our other regular services, we also offer help to individuals who require things like proper documentation to receive additional assistance, gain employment, or affordable housing. We can help those in need complete requests for birth certificates, state ID’s, and more.